Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You Are Special

Going back to school is so hard on so many kids, in the public schools, there seems to be so much bullying behavior that is not dealt with and parents who don't seem to care how their child behaves. It affects our children and how they feel about going to school.  I have seen children have anxiety just about riding the bus. Sometimes, that is the worst part of their whole day. Sometimes, the pain continues. At the end of my day I often see a little boy. I just want to squeeze him  up and shower him with praise for making it through another day. His days are so hard. But, sometimes when I see him he is having a melt down. He is unique. He is gifted in so many ways and he is special. He is not a problem child. He is a child who is having a problem. Don't we all have problelms?

This post is for him. This post is for my two monkeys that I raise. This post is for your children. They are special. They are a masterpiece. They are formed so marvelously and God has such a purpose for their lives. This post is for you, the parents who speak and breathe into their lives.

May strength and wisdom flow in you as your children go back to school, regardless of where that school is.

YOU ARE SPECIAL (A video clip from youtube)

"The world tells kids, "You're special if... if you have the brains, the looks, the talent." God tells them, "You're special just because. No qualifications necessary." Only one of those messages will find its place in their hearts. That's why every child you know needs to hear this one, reassuring truth: "You are precious in His sight." Max Lucado's delightful, fully illustrated children's tale from the pages of Tell Me the Secrets will help you say it again and again... with love." (Product description from christianbook.com)