Monday, May 27, 2013

My Twitter PLN Rocks!

So, I  joined the PLN of Twitter just three short months ago. I was just in time. My spirit was seeking something my district, nor my school could provide, deep, engaging, meaningful and rich conversations.  Not that they mean to. It just happens. My PLN on Twitter not only provides me with ideas, they provide encouragement to finish strong.
You are familiar with the story of the quacking geese in flight, maybe ducks do it too, they quack to encourage the lead flyer, but they also take turns at leading. That holds true for the Twitter PLN as well.  Sometimes, we know where we are going, sometimes we don't but we take refuge with others who know the way and will lead us when we don't. We quack very loud, teachers never stop chatting. We care for each others experience even if we never meet this side of Heaven face to face because at the end of it all, end of the day, end of the year, end of our career, it is about the kids. 

We are here, not just because we love our jobs, we love our students and above all, we Love learning. A great teacher never stops learning and I love learning with and from my PLN!