Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Passion Driven Teacher

The passion driven teacher is the one who is able to seize and capture the minds of students through bold measures. She does not teach as if she is bored nor as if the students don't matter. It is hard to do everyday. It is a great practice to decide what it is at school you are passionate about and wave that flag high. It is as good to be passionate about a subject matter. I am passionate for example about nebulas and Orion and constellations.  I have the third graders convinced that I am madly in love with Orion, whom I call the hunter of the night sky. Perfect. I am passionate about writing, and poetry. I am passionate about excellent literature. I am passionate about Mean, Mode, Median and Range (of all things). It is also good to bring your outside the classroom passions into the classroom. The kids love it when it is reading reward and I have my room set up for ZUMBA. Sure, my room is stinky afterwards, but the kids had fun. And I am passionate about my personal faith. Though I can't share that in public school well, I do my best to let my actions speak louder than my words. Whatever your passionate about at work or in your life, do not hide it, because you will see the kids will be in the end, very interested in that and you will be able to cultivate in them, their own passions and to celebrate what makes them unique.