Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Can't Wait!!!! The Mayans Are Coming!

Yes. That is me. No, you are seeing it correctly. I have transported myself back in time to the the time of the Mayan Dynasty somewhere between  2000 BC -  900 AD.

I am trying to figure out what to do for my outfit for my multi age grades 1-5 Mayan exploratory that I am hosting in mid October for three days of 90 minute learning segments.

Yes. That is me. I was gifted the skirt wrap from my sister upon her return from Guatemala. I figured that is well, somewhat authentic. The Mayans were in Guatemala. All I needed was lots of  BLING and outlandish head dress to be some type of Mayan Noblewoman.

Here is what I am cooking up:

I have passports already made for our travel throughout the Mayan Kingdom where we will experience the following learning opportunities.

1) Studying the Maize God and the World Tree and making corn tortillas with my tortilla press and eating them, sans salsa.

2) Studying Mayan art and making a mural.

3) Studying the engineering and design of the temples and designing one of our own.
Taken at the Science Museum of Minnesota by myself.

4) Learning to write our names using Mayan phonetics.

5) Studying the Mayan number system and writing our birthdays using the Mayan number system.

6) Taking a virtual tour of the Mayan Kingdom via a most excellent YouTube video. 1 of 4 as seen at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

7) Studying the clay sculptures with inscriptions and designing our own.

8) Studying the history of chocolate when money really did grow on trees and making our own hot cocca mix. 

9) Making our own protection belts just using paper to model the ones that the ball players used around their waist so that they wouldn't instantly die from the over 8 pound hard as a bowling ball being thrown at them. Did you know they could not use their hands or feet to put the ball through the hoop? Tricky!

10) Studying Mayan myths and legends..and then writing a myth or legend of our own. 

Taken at the Science Museum of Minnesota by myself.

I am really looking forward to #tlap-ing this exploratory! It is almost all paperless except for the passport and the art work. It is all maker centered with lots of hands on activity at every station. I also have QR codes printed up and laminated for exploring on the ipads.  It is entirely student centered! The students can build their own travel plans throughout the kingdom. The only rule is they have to travel with a buddy and no more than four at a station at once.

If you are not familiar with the Teach Like A Pirate way of teaching, here is my video on that below! I am looking forward to this time and can't wait to write about it again when we are done!

PS: Costa Rica was not a Mayan hot spot. I am not Mayan by heritage. We were invaded by the Spaniards and many of the natives of Costa Rica died from diseases..and then it was populated by the Spaniards. I am Costa Rican. Soy Tica. Pura Vida.