Thursday, November 7, 2013

Decision Making 101
We are all faced in our jobs, in our life in general to make decisions. How do you go about making decisions and how do you know when you have made a good one?

This weekend, many decisions were weighing on my head and I felt the burden of each one to the point of almost collapse from always having to "be on" and think through things from top to bottom.   When so much is coming at me it is important for me to reflect. As a woman of faith, the way that I do that is by listening to music that reflects my faith and by being still. I spend time reflecting on scriptures that point me to God's promises. I take time to worship and thank God for things that I see and for the things that I do not see. I pray for wisdom.

Ironically as I stepped in at church to serve in Sunday School, our lesson was on King Solomon  when God said he would give him all the riches of the world...but Solomon asked for wisdom.

I am thankful for the pressing on my heart that I get to just stop, drop and pray.


Welcome to my Monday.   Due to circumstances that I did not foresee, I discovered that I would have to let go for awhile, a part of my routine this year in first grade and do something else I also love, which is working in the area of interventions. I was given the opportunity to work this out with the other stake holders in involved in this process and then just let my principal know how it will all work out.

Here is how I went about making this specific decision.

As a stakeholder in this situation, I could easily have been a bit upset, I really love what I am doing. Why change? Why upset the fruit basket? I hope that people will see as I live my life, that I don't make life or issues all about me.

In this situation there was one handful. Everyone would have to give up something. That is what happens when decisions get made that affect so many. Be realistic.

After laying the cards down, looking at each one and not just at face value, where can we make choices that though we all have an opportunity cost, we can all walk away with some kind of "win" whether it is big or small.

As I discussed this with three of the major stakeholders, outside of the KEY stakeholder, the students, my goal was to hear their heart on the matter and put our KEY stakeholders, the children front and center and make the best decision for them.  It was clearly evident which direction to go.

I also know that there is no such thing as equality. If we are looking for equality, we won't find it. Fair is NOT equal. It never is in life. So, what would be the best choice keeping that thought in mind?  I think all my interest and study of  standards based grading is really coming into play with this thought, but it works in life!

My church has a motto that I love and believe in: Love God, Love People. Serve the World. It IS about how my talents and gifts can be used in this world to create the best good.

I am thankful for my co-teacher who I was able to hash things through passionately and my co-worker who let me cry as I let go of something I really love, to do something else I really love as well.

So winning. We all won!  It doesn't all look the same but the people that mean the most who this is really about won the most. They get the best possible scenario given to them to continue to build them in their journey of learning.

My heart is steady. It is going to be alright! That is how I know the decision reached was a good one. Peace of mind. Every student. Every day! 
You matter. They matter.