Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Insanity Trap, I Need A Silent Night
I am not going to do it. I am not going to fall for it. There is no way in heck it will happen to me. Or so, I say to myself this little mantra year after year.

Then bang, like a sucka punch right hook I am down for the count and I swear to goodness, I didn't wanna be!

But this year...this year I am going to NOT fall for the insanity trap.

What is the insanity trap?

The holiday frenzy and hullabaloo. The one where you gotta top last year and the Johnson's who live next door. Not to mention that, sometimes, I have felt like I had to have the best Christmas decor in the classroom or make the best projects with the students. There are Christmas work parties, classroom parties, get the gifts for the volunteers, for my coworkers, for the students, for my own kids for my own family. Saw the tree down and decorate that and the cookies at the same time and grades. Sometimes grades have been due around the holiday season adding to the "fun" of it all.

That is the Insanity Trap.

  • I don't need it any more.  
  • I am too old for it. 
  • I just want to slow down. 
  • I have to slow down.

But all this has me thinking about the students and the rush rush rush that they have in their lives too, especially at this time and if I feel swamped, I am positive that they might be too.
So my gift to the students this year is to slow down. I don't need to make it to the end of the chapter, if I can't just to say that I got it in. I don't need to make stupid worksheets for "filler" time at school and the class party can be low key.

Students do deserve the best me and so do my own children..and that best me is not the insane woman! So, try this for yourself...slow down the holiday rush..make your classroom a sweet place of peace on Earth. Or if you are like me and run here and there throughout the school, walk instead...breathe in so much peace and serenity that you bring a calming effect where ever you go and you can make other's feel merry and bright. Chapter 5.11 may just wait until January.

The most urgent thing is NOT the most important thing. The most important thing is the people around us, our families and the students we are called to serve at work. It is the heart and souls of people that is the most important thing

You too deserve a Silent Night and Holy Night, a Midnight Clear, and a bit of Peace on Earth...end all the crazy with a Silent Night! Blessings....Kimberly