Friday, November 18, 2016

I am sure you watch the news or see the news on your Facebook feed that it is filled with horrible actions done by people toward others. Instead of being humanKIND, some people are just humanMEAN. 

I believe that right now is the time as Angela Davis stated, "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept." I was thinking about that for a bit this week, especially as the unkindness towards others has become more and more documented. Even at my former junior high, there was an incident of a student ripping off another student's hijab. 

Could we all just walk two moons in someone else's moccasins?

What if we decided that we would be more intentional on making a difference as an individual, or as a family? What if being humanKIND started with you, because it does.

Maybe it means putting up a sign like this in your lawn that comes from Germantown Mennonite Church where my former classmate, Amy Yoder McGloughlin is the senior pastor.

Maybe it means as a family, finding new cultural places to visit and learn from. 

Maybe it means making a point to go to truly ethnic restaurants where the staff speaks other languages and the menu has other languages on it. 

Maybe it means that as a family, plan an ethnic menu at home after researching it and finding the products to make it with and it might even mean a trip to a local or not-so-local ethnic market.

Maybe it means listening to music in other languages as we drive along.

Maybe it means keeping nasty comments away from the ears of children and instead teaching them to see people with their hearts.

Maybe it means going to a church that is more diverse than where we are. 

My friend Kory posted this on her FB wall and I loved it!
Maybe it means looking up and saying hello to people who are different than us, smile and not turn away.

Maybe it means that we should stop saying we are going to build a wall and instead, extend our table to break bread with people who don't look like us, talk other languages that are different than ours, and even have other faith backgrounds. 

Whatever it takes friends is what we are supposed to do to extend friendship, love and compassion. That is being humanKIND.

Be that kind human!